Aerial Aesops

Together we will journey to wild jungles, distant deserts, and lands unknown . We will climb to the highest heights and fall to the lowest lows. We will use the ground, the air, and all of the space in-between to retell three classic Aesop tales: Lion and the Mouse, Northwind and the Sun, and the Crow and the Pitcher.

Ground Skills Workshop and Aerial Demo with StoryUp!

This is just like the workshop above (clowning, juggling, and partner acrobatics) but we will also bring our portable aerial rig and do a 10 minute aerial silks demo. 

Circus Arts with StoryUp!

Ever want to run away with the circus? No need, we'll come to you! StoryUp! will give your class an introduction to classic circus skills. In this workshop we will dive into the basics of clowning, juggling, and partner acrobatics.