For booking inquiries please fill-in the form below or email The more information you are able to give us (location, dates, how many shows, etc) the more accurate a quote we will be able to give you.  

Our specs:

Because of our portable we have pretty specific requirements of the spaces we are able to perform. We are able to adjust the height for different spaces and can perform indoors and out. For an indoor space we need a ceiling clearance of at least 17' and an unobstructed 16' circumference on the floor to fit the footprint of the rig.

For an outdoor event we need a 16'-25' (depending on the height at which you want us to perform) circumference of unobstructed flat ground. 

We bring all of our own equipment including sound system and mics and are fully insured. 

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F.A.Q. (under-construction)

At what heights are you able to perform?

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